Christmas is fast approaching. Time to get your game plan sorted. We are here to help with our tender Roast Turkey Buffe With Spiced Honey Glaze. This recipe really hits all the tasting notes. 

Grab our 3kg frozen Turkey and some other magic ingredients and create a meal that will impress even the toughest critic.

Festive feasts bring family and friends together, to share stories over homemade food and create memories. But homemade doesn’t need to be stressful. My Turkey Buffe is easy to cook and carve and will be the crown of your table.


Roast Turkey Buffe with Spiced Honey Glaze


Chicken Munchies pita pockets


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How to Butterfly a Chicken

Manu will show you how to easily portion a whole chicken.

How to portion a chicken

Manu demonstrates the simple technique for butterflying a whole chicken.


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