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quality and safety

At Ingham’s, we’re proud of our commitment without compromise to the highest possible product standards, a culture of continuous improvement and a passion for always providing the very best, from farm to table.

Food safety & quality information

Ingham’s is committed to achieving quality excellence in everything we do, not only for our customers and consumers, but also for our employees, stakeholders, and our community.

Ingham’s operations comply with and maintain a HACCP based food safety and quality system, within the framework of the Global Food Safety Initiative, regulatory, and customer standards to produce safe, legal, and authentic products.

At Ingham’s the responsibility for achieving Food Safety and Quality commitments lies with each employee in the execution of their jobs, and we are dedicated to creating a culture of food safety and quality awareness involving all people at all levels including the encouragement and promotion of Food Safety and Quality leadership.

We enable our employees to do this through our Food Safety & Quality Culture known as Product Pride. The program is undertaken across the Ingham’s Agribusiness, Farming, and Processing & Distribution operations which incorporates the five dimension of quality culture as defined by the Global Food Safety Initiative position paper for quality culture.

Ingham’s is certified to the world class standards of BRC, RSPCA, SPCA, FREPA, MPI, Export, NATA, and various customer standards.

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