Manu & Charlee cook up Tempura Chicken Nugget Lettuce Cups – a twist on San Choy Bao.

Are you dreaming of getting your kids involved in the kitchen to help with dinner? Cooking with the little ones can be a blast, and let’s be honest, they absolutely love it when they feel like they’re in charge!

Looking for some inspo? Dad-daughter duo Manu and Charlee Feildel show how they get Dinner Done cooking Tempura Chicken Nugget Lettuce Cups with a big side of fun.

I’ve been a kid for more than eight years now, and it’s time for us to mix things up,” declares Charlee. “I adore Mumma’s San Choy Bao, but what if we switch it up and use chicken nuggets instead?

Manu agrees wholeheartedly, “That’s a brilliant idea! How about we serve it in lettuce cups, with vermicelli noodles, some fresh salad veggies, chicken nuggets, and a delicious dressing on top?

Into the air-fryer go the Tempura Chicken Nuggets. Manu gets the noodles noodling and Charlee shows off her impressive dress-shaking skills.

Soon it’s time to combine it all together.

  • Lettuce, tick.
  • Some sneaky salad veggies, tick.
  • Perfectly crunchy chicken nuggets, tick.
  • Dressing, tick.
  • Fun, tick!

Charlee says, “I absolutely love spending time with my dad and cooking dinner together.

When asked who the better cook is, Charlee doesn’t miss a beat. “He’s pretty good, but I think I’ve got the edge.

And Manu’s opinion? He agrees!

View the Tempura Chicken Nugget Lettuce Cups recipe here, and watch tutorial video with Manu and Charlee below!

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