New Trend: 4 Turkey Items To Have On Your Shopping List

While Turkey roast is a festive favourite, turkey is a fabulous, versatile, nutritious, protein-packed, lean meat to enjoy year-round. And for many, Turkey products regularly feature on our monthly, weekly, or daily! shopping list. We’ve looked into what the most popular Turkey products are to enjoy year-round, and we’re thrilled to reveal the top four best-selling turkey products! 

  1. Turkey Mince. With a similar cooking time to beef mince, and a shorter cook time compared to chicken mince, Turkey mince is incredibly versatile and takes on flavours well – making it an excellent option to use in any mince meat recipe. Planning to cook a Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner? Why not try turkey mince in your favourite Bolognese recipe?!  

2. Turkey Breast Mince. With only 2% fat, turkey breast mince is the leanest mince meat option available and can be used in any mincemeat recipe. Looking for a new but easy option to get Dinner Done this week? Celebrity chef Manu Feildel has created a super simple but delicious Turkey Kofta recipe – and there’s a video tutorial to follow as well, so why not invite Manu into your kitchen to help get Dinner Done?!  Check out Manu’s Turkey Kofta recipe here

  1. Turkey Minute Steaks. One minute and they’re done. Now that’s easy. And they’re delicious, nutritious, and go with a variety of sauces and flavours.  
  1. Turkey Breast Steaks. With only 2% fat, turkey breast steaks are incredible healthy, plus packed with protein and nutrients and tasty too… particularly if you cook them like Manu. Manu Feildel has created a tantalising (but so quick and easy!) Saltimbocca Turkey Steaks in Diane Sauce recipe, which will impress any guests but take you no time to prepare and cook. Plus, there’s a recipe tutorial video with Manu that you can follow to get this meal made and Dinner Done! Check out Manu’s Saltimbocca Turkey Steaks in Diane Sauce recipe here

And while these are the top four best-selling turkey products, there’s plenty of other options to choose from.  

In the freezer section you’ll find Ingham’s Turkey roasts too – which are available year-round and make a perfect Sunday roast!  

So, which turkey products will you pop on your shopping list?