Top tips to cook Turkey from famous chef Manu Feildel

Manu Feildel provides quick, simple, tasty recipes cooking with Turkey: Saltimbocca Turkey Steaks in Diane Sauce, and Turkey Koftas. 

Celebrity chef Manu Feildel has released two special recipes cooking with Turkey as part of the Ingham’s Dinner Done recipe collection. Dinner Done was launched earlier this year to help combat the challenges associated with midweek dinners, including tensions between easy and faster and a desire for more variety, limited evening capacity, fear of failure, limited repertoire, and a lack of motivation. 

And while chicken continues to be the number one meat in Australia, the number of Turkey product options in the fridge and freezer are growing – with Ingham’s having launched new frozen products, and availability of existing fresh products increasing.  

In his new recipes, Manu Feildel cooks with two of the most popular fresh Turkey products – Turkey steaks and Turkey mince – to make Saltimbocca Turkey Steaks in Diane Sauce, and Turkey Koftas.  

Launching the Ingham’s Dinner Done Turkey recipes, Manu Feildel said: “There’s a common misconception about Turkey, it could be dry, hard to cook and maybe hard to find. In fact, Turkey is a great source of protein, its full of flavour and very versatile. It’s all about how you cook it, with my key tip being to never overcook it.” 

Here, Manu Feildel provides his top tips to cook with Turkey. 

  1. Never overcook Turkey: this is true for all meats, as we all know that if you cook meat for too long it will become dry. With Turkey, the cooking instructions will vary from product to product. 
  1. How to cook perfect Turkey steaks: pan-fry for just 2-3 minutes on each side, and for the most-delicious result, cook in butter. 
  1. Turkey mince can be used as a substitute for any mince: Turkey mince has a similar cooking time to beef mince or chicken mince, taking about 8-10 minutes in a pan. This makes it easy to substitute for any mincemeat in your favourite recipes – from Bolognese or meatballs, to burgers, koftas and more.  
  1. Turkey is a great Sunday (or any day) roast!: An un-stuffed Turkey roast will need around 20 minutes of cooking time per 500 grams at 180-degrees-celcius. This is similar to a beef-roast and shorter than a chicken roast, which takes around 30 minutes per 500 grams. For best Turkey roast result, cook using a water bath.   
  1. How to store Turkey: fresh Turkey can be stored in the fridge for around 2 days (but always abide by the use-by date!). Once cooked, Turkey leftovers should be stored in the fridge and eaten within 3-4 days. In the freezer, Turkey can be stored for up to a year (as long as it stays frozen!).  

Ingham’s has twenty Turkey farms, which are located in New South Wales based from the Macarthur region in South-West Sydney to the Southern Highlands. All farms are family owned and operated.   

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