Devil Tender Flatbread Sliders

Delicious, crunchy, and very moreish, these fried chicken sliders are best served on lightly toasted flatbread with crispy coleslaw, slivers of onions and a creamy smokey chipotle sauce. Perfect for an easy weeknight dinner and also a great meal prep idea.

4 Servings

10 Mins

  • Devil Chicken Tenders
  • Mini tortillas or soft taco’s
  • Fresh coleslaw or shredded salad leaves
  • Thin slices of red onion
  • Smokey chipotle taco sauce
in a few simple steps
  1. Prepare Devil Chicken Tenders in either a Deep Fryer by preheating oil to 180°C and cooking for approx. 3–4 minutes, or in a Conventional Oven at 180°C for 11–12 minutes, turning once.
  2. Place mini tortilla or soft tacos on a dry plate and dress the tortilla with coleslaw or shredded salad leaves.
  3. Place a Devil Chicken Tender onto the salad and top with a generous amount of smokey chipotle taco sauce.
  4. Plate up and serve immediately.