How does your chicken dinner get from farm to fork? Find out with Manu…

See for yourself why Ingham’s is Always Good in our new online series ‘Farm to Fork with Manu’.  In a series of shorts, videos, pics, tips and tricks, blogs and of course, new recipes, Manu follows our chicken dinner from the poultry farm, through the chicken factory and onto our tables.

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We took Manu to one of our chicken farms in Southeast Queensland to meet Farmer Grant, tour his poultry sheds and walk his free range chicken fields. Manu insisted on cooking up a delicious Coq au Vin, cooking marinated chicken over a barbecue for the farm crew, and he’s going to share this recipe too!

Next stop, Murarrie Primary Processing Plant in Brisbane where Manu tried out a new look – full PPE – to visit the chicken factory processing floors and compare his chef-skills to the automated plucking, deboning, filleting, mincing and crumbing machines. He then set his sights on the kitchen, where Manu teamed up with Ingham’s team member, Meena, to cook a Sri Lankan Chicken Curry (we’ve got this recipe coming your way too!)

Then it was off to the local pub to follow Ingham’s chicken as it makes its way into kitchens around our country, and onto our tables. Manu (always the chef!) stepped into the kitchen, cooking up a tasty Chicken Kyiv with Café de Paris Butter, Prosciutto and Tarragon – and yes, we have this recipe.

Did you know?

  • Chicken is Australia’s favourite meat protein! Fact: chicken accounts for 48% of total meat consumed in Australia. And with its great taste, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, really, it’s no wonder.
  • Ingham’s is a top favourite among chefs and home cooks alike for its top-quality and consistent great taste.
  • Ingham’s chicken is 100% certified to the RSPCA’s standard for meat chickens.
  • Chicken is the most sustainable land-meat protein due to low carbon emissions.
  • Chicken is the most cost-effect meat-protein, versatile and easily accessible.
  • Ingham’s, one of the largest integrated poultry producers in Australia and New Zealand, is focused on ensuring animal welfare and sustainability, product quality, and people satisfaction – which underpin our Always Good promise.

At Ingham’s, we’re inviting everyone to see behind the scenes at our operations through this new digital content series, ‘Farm to Fork with Manu’, so we hope you can join us and Manu on this journey!  

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