Ingham’s cares about gender equality  

As part of our commitment to creating a bright future for everyone where they can thrive, Ingham’s regularly looks for ways we can improve gender equality.  

The company is steadily advancing this commitment after reporting a 6% increase of women in the organisation to 38.9% in FY21, or approximately 360 employees, in its recent certification to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. 

Ingham’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Reeves, said: “We are committed to creating a level playing field for both men and women at Ingham’s. I consider an increase of 360 women in our overall headcount as a positive step towards bridging the gender gap.” 

Ingham’s attributes the increase of women in the organisation to: 

  • Our new hire rate of women is trending higher than the national average which demonstrates a non-gender bias in our recruitment and selection process. This is a reflection of Ingham’s continuing to work to increase the representation of women on our recruitment shortlists, which we know leads to an increased rate of women being appointed to roles. 
  • Our resignations from women was lower than the national average – a positive given the amount of disruption our industry experienced due to COVID-19.  

“Ingham’s’ next focus is to embed greater flexibility into the business. We already offer many benefits to our people to promote flexible working, but we want to make this a greater reality in our operations. Initiatives such as our Parent and Student Hours shift trials will help us achieve this,” Andrew said.  

At Ingham’s, we care about providing the same growth opportunities for men and women in the organisation. To find out more about working with us, visit the Ingham’s career page. 

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2019-2020 – Workplace Gender Equality Agency Public Report