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As part of Ingham’s commitment to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce, we have hatched an innovative idea to support our part-time employees.

After trialing a parttime parent and student shift in New Zealand Primary processing and having a lot of success for over a year now, we decided it was about time Australia got on the bandwagon. From February onwards, we will trial our Parent and Student Hours initiative.  

Managers across our primary processing and distribution centres have endorsed a trial for this initiative across Queensland, South Australia, and in Tasmania for students. The aim is to support flexible working arrangements for parents and students and give them comfort in knowing that when they join Ingham’s, the hours aim to suit their lifestyle needs.  

These new part-time shifts are available for the following times: 

  • Parent hours are from 9am-2.30pm, Monday-Friday 
  • Student hours are from 4pm-9pm, Monday-Friday.  

Our Parent and Student Hours initiative demonstrates that Ingham’s cares for each other and the broader community.  

If you or someone you know is a parent or student looking for part-time work in our trial states, refer them to the Ingham’s Careers page.