Five reasons Turkey should be on your dinner table!

Chicken is the number one meat eaten in Australia, while Turkey takes centre stage during the Festive season. But while Turkey certainly does make a spectacular special occasion meal, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be on our shopping lists year-round!  

And trying Turkey just got easier, with celebrity chef Manu Feildel creating two delicious, easy, and quick recipes: Turkey Koftas, and Saltimbocca Turkey Steaks in Diane Sauce.  

Here are five key reasons why Turkey should be centre of your dinner table: 

  1. Turkey is versatile and tasty. Turkey comes in a variety of product options and can be used in a wide range of recipes. In the supermarket freezer section you’ll find Turkey roasts, and in the fresh-meat section you’ll find options like Turkey-breast, Turkey-minute-steaks and Turkey-mince. Turkey has a similar taste to chicken and absorbs flavours well making it a great healthy meat option. In particular, Turkey-mince is a wonderful substitute to use in any family-favourite mince recipe, such as Bolognese, meatballs, burgers, koftas and more.    

2. Turkey is quick and easy to cook. Turkey is easy to cook once you learn how. A Turkey steak takes just 2-3 minutes on each side to pan-fry; mince-Turkey takes the same time as beef-mince or chicken-mince to cook (around 8-10 minutes in a pan); and a roast-Turkey takes around 20 minutes per 500 grams to oven bake – which is a similar time to a beef-roast, and less time than a chicken roast.  

  1. Turkey breast has just 2% fat and is high in protein. It is a lean-protein option which helps you feel full for longer and is a great source of energy.  
  1. Turkey is rich in vitamins and minerals. Turkey is packed with nutrients. It’s a rich source of B-vitamins, including B3 (niacin) – which helps turn food into energy, B6 pyridoxine – which is important for our brains plus immune and nervous system, and B12 (cobalamin) – which helps form red blood cells. Turkey also contains zinc and iron – which help boost immunity and energy, and antioxidants such as selenium – which helps to protect against disease. 
  1. Turkey is good for heart health. Skinless Turkey is low in cholesterol, and the lean-protein content helps to promote muscle growth and repair throughout our bodies. 

So which Turkey recipe will you try to get Dinner Done?!