Easy chicken!

Did you know Aussies are absolutely clucking mad about chicken? On average we each gobble 49 kilograms of chicken every year! In fact, chicken is the top midweek protein pick for most – and this makes complete sense, as it’s affordable, versatile, quick to cook, and healthy too!

So, what are the most-popular chicken dishes that people are cooking?

  1. Chicken breast swimming in sauce, snuggled up to veggies or salad
  2. Crispy schnitzels, nuggets, and burgers
  3. Sizzling chicken skewers
  4. Zesty stir fry
  5. Tasty wraps, chock full of chicken
  6. Scrumptious chicken pasta bake
  7. Barbeque chicken fresh from the supermarket – hot and ready to-go
  8. Fragrant and not-so-spicy chicken-based curries

But while chicken’s ruling the roost, we all get bored with cooking the same old recipes time and again. So, we’re putting together some fantastic, easy, dinner recipes and meal ideas, plus tips and inspiration to help you plate your poultry in new and exciting ways…

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