Zero waste at Dry Creek

(From left to right) Simon Himmelhoch-Mutton, Craig Curnow, David Myall

The Ingham’s team at our Dry Creek Distribution Centre in South Australia has achieved zero waste going to landfill.

This great outcome was achieved with the support of the team at the SUEZ-ResourceCo Alternative Fuels facility who take general waste to manufacture processed engineering fuel (PEF). 

The general waste from the Ingham’s Dry Creek site contains no food waste, liquids of putrescible materials, making it the perfect material for manufacturing PEF, a viable alternative to fossil fuels for use in cement kilns. The PEF manufactured from the facility is supplied to a local cement manufacturer, which in turn is reducing their natural gas usage by around 30 million cubic metres annually. 

We are proud to be contributing towards creating an alternative fuel and reducing the overall energy footprint in the local area by diverting our waste that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.  

At Ingham’s, we are Nourishing our Planet by reducing our landfill waste impact on the local environment and the communities we are part of.  

Our thanks goes to the Dry Creek team, led by David Myall, who have made it possible for the site to achieve zero waste!