What’s for dinner tonight?

Did you know that your shopping habits might reveal your inner kitchen daredevil? That’s right – the more often you shop, the more likely you are to whip up to get creative with weekday dinners.

If you’re a frequent store-hopper, grabbing a meal or two at a time, chances are you enjoy spicing up your dinners with something new. On the flip side, if you stock up for the entire week (or shop online), your meal lineup might be a little more…predictable.

There are three types of shopper profiles out there – each with its own flair (or lack thereof) for culinary creativity! So, where do you fall on the gastronomical adventure scale?

    Are you a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly grocery shopper? Then you have plenty to think about just buying what’s on your shopping list! Shopping may be separated from what you feel like for dinner, so if it’s not pre-planned and pre-bought, those new recipes may not make it onto your table.
    Do you do a ‘staples’ shop then pop in to grab a limited number of additional items for dinner tonight or the next few days? Then you’re more likely to be in tune with what you want for dinner, more open to trying something new and more spontaneous with what you buy.
    Are your cupboards pretty bare but you shop multiple times across the week looking to buy for one or two meals at a time? Then you’re most likely to be looking for inspiration based on what you feel like eating, and most likely to try something new.

Supermarket shopping and weekday dinner planning and preparation can be tedious work. That’s why we’re working on some fantastic, easy, dinner recipes and meal ideas, plus tips and inspiration that’ll have all kinds of shoppers shaking it up in the kitchen with ease! Make sure you follow Ingham’s Dinner Done!