What kind of shopper are you?

Midweek dinner is the mountain we all must climb. How do you face it?

Do you dread the midweek dinner slump? You’re not alone. Most people find preparing dinner during the week both challenging and monotonous, often relying on the same rotating meals. But fear not, Ingham’s Dinner Done is set to take you on a journey to make your midweek dinners a truly tasteful adventure.

We recently spoke with diverse groups of Australians who shared their frustrations about midweek dinner with us. If you have experienced these challenges, then you are in plenty of good company, us included! 

  • I have 6-11 midweek dinner go-to’s. Every week I prepare the same meals that I could do with my eyes shut, but at least I know everyone will eat them.
  • I’m bored with my dinner staples, but don’t have the brain power to recipe plan and shop ahead. I’d like to try something different, but new recipes often need ingredients I just don’t have, and recipe planning and shopping ahead is hard.
  • What if the new recipe doesn’t turn out, or my family won’t it eat? If I try a new recipe and it doesn’t work, I’ve wasted time, money, and effort, plus then have to cook a staple anyway.
  • Midweek dinner is eating to live, rather than living to eat. When it comes to midweek dinners, I need to complete this task in the fastest and easiest way possible and then move on to everything else I have to do!

If this sounds like you, then make sure to follow Ingham’s Dinner Done as we’ve got some fantastic, easy, dinner recipes and meal ideas, plus tips and inspiration that’ll have you climbing the dinner mountain with ease and maybe even excitement….