Turning plastic bags into hardhats

Each year, Ingham’s Hemmant and Wacol Feedmills were sending more than 5,000 heavy-duty plastic bags to landfill that were providing bulk feed ingredients to the mills. 

The team thought there must be a better way to dispose of these polypropylene bags, which can take more than 3,000 years to break down.

After contacting several plastic recyclers in the area, the feedmill team partnered with PRC Recycling at Ascot, Queensland, to divert the plastic bags and other packaging materials to be recycled.

PRC then converts the plastic bags to small black pellets for use as raw materials to manufacture polypropylene plastic products, such as safety hard hats, which are standard personal protective equipment at Ingham’s feedmills.

As well as being a sustainable closed-loop solution, the team has reported a saving of $4,000 a year on their overall waste disposal costs.

Ingham’s would like to thank its people at Hemmant and Wacol Feedmills for creating a better tomorrow for our planet by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Well done Todd Brunsdon and Andrew Barker for serving our Purpose to Nourish Our World.