Somerville’s water-saving solutions

As the fourth largest water-using site at Ingham’s, the Somerville team has an ongoing focus on monitoring and reducing its water usage.

The team measures and assesses water usage every week and during the site’s regular sustainability team meetings. Since July 2022, the team has also developed Toolbox Talks to increase awareness and deliver messages on the importance of reducing the water usage footprint to the team. The team also leverages Azzo’s monitoring system to provide daily diagnostics on water usage in specific site areas and at equipment level.

Since increasing awareness, the team has implemented a range of water-saving initiatives, including installing aeration in spin chillers, which increases the water flow without using additional water, recapturing and recycling water previously lost through the live bird and evisceration processes, shutting off water on key equipment during break times, and automating the trailer wash system to optimise and control water usage. Daily site inspections by the environmental team have also helped to monitor and mitigate any water leaks.

The production and maintenance teams work closely with the quality team to ensure that, at all times, the reduced water usage does not compromise the quality of our products.

Since July 2022, these initiatives have reduced the site’s water usage by 11% compared to the previous financial year. To learn more about our long-standing commitment to sustainability, click here.

Thanks to the following team members who led these initiatives: Jacinda Blair, Hudson Cameron, Kate Sellers, Kevin Graham, John Roberts, Tim Stone, Lydia Collier, Mohamed Charif, Danny White, Tristan Lewis and Russell Hillman, and to the Somerville team for sharing in the commitment to achieving this success for the site. To learn more about our long-standing commitment to sustainability, click here.