Chicken Nuggets and Slaw 

This Chicken Nuggets with Sweet Potatoes and Cabbage Coleslaw recipe is a must-try if you are in search of some quick & easy dinner ideas! The sweet potatoes add a touch of sweetness, while the cabbage coleslaw gives it a slight crunch. Serve this dish with some ranch dressing or lemon garlic aioli for an added kick. So good, you’ll be licking your fingers clean!

2 Servings

25 Mins

  • Ingham’s AirMAZING Chicken Breast Nuggets 
  • Sweet potato chips 
  • Sauce of your choice: Lemon garlic aioli, ranch dressing, etc. 
  • Cabbage coleslaw 
  • Salt & pepper
in a few simple steps
  1. Cook Ingham’s AirMAZING Chicken Breast Nuggets and sweet potato chips as per the instructions on the box.
  2. Season sweet potato chips with salt & pepper and place chicken nuggets on top. 
  3. Serve with some fresh cabbage coleslaw and a sauce of your choice.