Ingham’s Free Range Hot Roast Chicken


Our Hot Roast Chickens are raised on free range farms and taste amazing. They're also raised with no added hormones and remain true to our promise of sharing food that's always good!

Ingham's always good guaranteed. 

Made in Australia from at least 95% Australian ingredients

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Servings per package:
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Quality per Serving % Daily Intake per Serving Quantity per 100g
Energy 1180kJ (Marinated & Stuffed); 11905J (Marinated) 14% (Marinated & Stuffed); 14% (Marinated) 785kJ (Marinated & Stuffed); 793kJ (Marinated)
Protein 29.3g (Marinated & Stuffed); 31.4g (Marinated) 59% (Marinated & Stuffed); 63% (Marinated) 19.5g (Marinated & Stuffed); 20.9g (Marinated)
Fat 16.5g (Marinated & Stuffed); 17.7g (Marinated) 24% (Marinated & Stuffed); 25% (Marinated) 11.0g (Marinated & Stuffed); 11.8g (Marinated)
Fat Saturated 5.1g (Marinated & Stuffed); 5.4g (Marinated) 21% (Marinated & Stuffed); 23% (Marinated) 3.4g (Marinated & Stuffed); 3.6g (Marinated)
Carbohydrate 4.2g (Marinated & Stuffed); less than 1g (Marinated) 1% (Marinated & Stuffed); less than 0.1% (Marinated) 2.8g (Marinated & Stuffed); less than 1g (Marinated)
Sugar less than 1g (Marinated & Stuffed); less than 1g (Marinated) 0.8% (Marinated & Stuffed); less than 0.1% (Marinated) less than 1g (Marinated & Stuffed); less than 1g (Marinated)
Sodium 701mg (Marinated & Stuffed); 438mg (Marinated) 31% (Marinated & Stuffed); 19% (Marinated) 467mg (Marinated & Stuffed); 292mg (Marinated)

All values specified above are averages.
Nutrition Information is based on edible portions only.
*Percentage daily intakes are based on an average adult diet of 8700kJ. Your daily intakes may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.


& Allergens

Free Range Roast Chicken Marinated & Stuffed
Chicken (minimum 80%), Marinade (Water, Salt, Acidity Regulators [450, 451], Sugar Flavour), Stuffing (Water, Bread Crumbs [Wheat Flour, Yeast, Salt], Sugar, Salt, Onion, Rice, Herbs and Spices, Flavour, Yeast Extract, Vegetable Oil, Vegetable Extracts [Onion, Garlic], Herb Extract).

Free Range Roast Chicken Marinated
Chicken (88%), Water, Salt, Citrus Fibre, Natural Flavours, Vegetable Powders (Onion, Garlic), Vegetable Gums (407, 415), Herb Extracts, Smoke Flavour.

Wheat, Gluten (Free Range Roast Chicken Marinated & Stuffed)

Caution: This product is hot - handle with care. Bag cannot be placed inside microwave or oven.