Our sustainability governance framework outlines how we manage sustainability within our business to reduce risk and embed a culture of accountability, led by the Board and empowered from within.



  • Adheres to the Board Charter
  • Review of strategies, policies, performance and reporting
  • Management and oversight
  • Half yearly and annual reporting to shareholders
  • People & Remuneration Committee (PRC), adhere to the PRC Charter
  • Risk & Sustainability Committee (RSC), adhere to the RSC Charter
  • Finance & Audit Committee (FAC),

    adhere to the FAC Charter

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

  • Align to Ingham’s strategic objective
  • Annual integrated reporting
  • Sustainability strategy, target setting, measuring, monitoring and reporting
  • Quarterly ELT risk assurance committee meetings
  • Quarterly sustainability updates to the Board RSC

Functions And Operations

  • General Managers of operations and functions across Australia and New Zealand
  • Quarterly business unit and function risk assurance committee meetings
  • Strategy, measuring, monitoring and reporting
  • Monthly sustainability KPI dashboard tabled to the ELT and the Board

Site Level Sustainability Teams

  • Focus areas: water, energy, waste, surface water, wastewater, noise, air and odour, and vegetation
  • KPIs published monthly internally
  • Implementation and coordination of strategies, policies and commitments
  • Environmental Management Plan aligned to ISO14001
1Policies include: Whistleblower Policy, Anti-bribery & Anti-corruption Policy, Continuous Disclosure Policy, Environmental Policy, Risk & Sustainability Policy and Inclusion & Diversity Policy .