As leaders in sustainable poultry, we have a role
to play in shaping the future of protein and  championing a more sustainable food system

BeyonD our gATE

We will take steps to lead beyond our gate to partner, invest and explore the future of sustainable protein and food systems.
This will require action on global imperatives which we will address by setting flagship initiatives. This means we will:

  1. Set aside finance to invest in 2030 flagship sustainability initiatives.
  2. Establish partnerships and collaborate with suppliers, customers and partners to produce sustainability solutions.
  3. Refine the process for the Ingham’s team to be able to generate ideas for sustainability initiatives and solutions, and incentivise them.
  4. Measure contribution of flagship initiatives to the relevant SDGs targets.
  5. Value progress over perfection when it comes to our flagship initiatives.


Within our gate, we’ll focus,  invest, influence, and shape behaviours to achieve sustainable outcomes. This means we will:

  1. Set and publish clear and science-based targets aligned to our material topics.
  2. Measure, track and improve performance year on year.
  3. Embed sustainability into KPIs and remuneration to foster accountability. 
  4. Refine our sustainability governance framework.
  5. Establish a sustainable finance roadmap.
  6. Equip our team to act on sustainability goals daily.
  7. Share our triumphs and challenges openly.
  8. Keep stakeholders in the loop about our progress through improved sustainability reporting.