We’ve identified three key initiatives where we can have the maximum impact in the years ahead

refining our feed 

The soy feed production process can negatively impact our environment—think deforestation and biodiversity loss. We’re collaborating with suppliers and researchers to address this. Our goal? To build a robust business case for viable soy alternatives, which would provide both environmental and commercial benefits.

Our sites as carbon sinks

Our natural environment has the ability to absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We will investigate how we could improve the natural capital we have on our sites to help reduce the carbon emissions and enhance biodiversity.

animal welfare

At Ingham’s, we lead the way with animal welfare. We’re embracing innovation, AI, and tech to uplift animal welfare, aiming to set new industry benchmarks with our own poultry farming.

These initiatives align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 12 Responsible consumption and production, 13 Climate Action and 15 Life on Land, contributing to targets including 12.2, 12.6 and 15.2.