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New Sous Vide

In Selected Stores Now

Our juicy secret is out… and it’s called Sous Vide! Surprisingly succulent, incredibly juicy and temptingly tender chicken breast, sliced and ready to serve your way – hot or cold. Delicious in salads, sandwiches, pasta, wraps, burritos and anything else you can think of.

So what is Sous Vide? It’s a French cooking style used by chefs to achieve precisely cooked and tender meat every time. At Ingham’s, we’ve perfected the technique where our Free Range chicken breasts are cooked at a steady temperature in vacuum-sealed bags. The result? Tender meat infused with natural flavour and juiciness you can truly savour.

Take a bite and discover for yourself the secret of Sous Vide today.

Recipe Inspo #1

Toss it through an Asian stir fry with rice noodles, ginger, snow peas, green beans, shallots, coriander and sesame.

Recipe Inspo #2

Try some mini baguettes with avocado, sharp cheddar, gem lettuce and chive mayonnaise.

Recipe Inspo #3

Whip up a chicken pasta with Rigatoni, broccoli, blistered cherry tomatoes and black olives. Top it off with a basil garnish.

Recipe Inspo #4

Break away from boring lettuce by trying a Tabbouleh salad with parsley, chopped tomatoes, lemon and pepper.