Life-changing scholarships for First Nations students

Inghams is proud to sponsor two First Nations scholarships with the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA).

Ruby Williams and Annidette Puni are both proud First Nations women entering their Masters degrees. Annidette is commencing her Masters in Fine Arts (Dramatic Writing) while Ruby is undertaking her MFA in Directing.

At a presentation in February at NIDA, Inghams’ Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director presented the scholarship certificates to both recipients, described as life changing.

In a letter of thanks to Inghams for our support, NIDA’s Chair, Catherine West said: “I am deeply moved by the generosity and support shown by donors like yourself. Your commitment to supporting NIDA students is invaluable and plays a vital role in nurturing incredible storytellers.”

Ruby Williams is a proud Yimen and Darumbal Murrie woman, born and raised in Western Australia. Ruby’s love for the arts stretches far, with an interest in classical music and singing, acting, enactments, puppetry – all of which led her to pursue a career in directing. Annidette’s interests in the arts stems from her strong passion for storytelling, finding it as a form of connection to herself. Ruby is well versed in her artistic fields. At 24, Ruby applied and received a Cert IV in Aboriginal Performance at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). After graduataing from WAAPA  she successfully auditioned for a Diploma of Stage and Screen Performance at NIDA, with financial and emotional support from her mum. Ruby’s studies at NIDA will continue at postgraduate level, with this scholarship providing her with essential support to continue her journey through education and to the next stage of career. Upon completing her Masters, Ruby’s plans to continue  working and engaging with Aboriginal communities, as a director and writer while also seeking international opportunities.

Annidette Puni is a First Nations woman from Saibai Island, and Samoa (Torres Strait Islander and Pasifika descent). Annidette completed a Bachelor of Creative Writing at UTS in 2018, with her father passing soon after. As a consequence, Annidette put her career on hold in order to support her family emotionally and financially through a difficult period. Annidette is delighted to be the recipient of an Inghams scholarship. She wishes to create stories which not only reflect her experiences, but also her cultures and traditions, and this scholarship permits her financial freedom to do so.

Supporting First Nations peoples’ education, artistic impacts and cultural pride is part of Inghams’ advancement toward reconciliation. Through this scholarship, a voice is provided to First Nations artists and support for amplifying and celebrating Aboriginal culture in the arts.