Ingham’s welcomes Bromley Park Hatcheries to the team

Ingham’s is thrilled to welcome Bromley Park Hatcheries (‘Bromley’) in New Zealand to the team.

The addition of the Bromley business will increase our hatchery and breeder capacity by up to 50% and strengthen our supply chain in the country.

As Bromley is an existing supplier to Ingham’s for day-old-chicks, the boost to our supply chain comes from becoming self-sufficient.

We will further strengthen the resilience of our supply chain by investing in biosecurity and automation as well as integrating Ingham’s award-winning farming practices. Most recently, Ingham’s received a gold award in the 2022 Aviagen ANZ Parent Stock Awards, which recognise excellence in the health and welfare of chickens hatched.

Ingham’s existing strong relationship with Bromley will support a smooth transition of their 90 people to the Ingham’s team. Early workshops with the team have focused on how we can achieve more value together by sharing our management systems and processes. The increased capacity allows us to pursue new sales channels, such as supplying fertile eggs and day-old-chicks to domestic and export markets.