Inghams launches Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

Inghams has today launched its Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan as part of its ongoing commitment to support inclusion, equity and diversity.

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Andrew Reeves, said at the launch in South Australia, “We have an inclusion, equity and diversity framework which sets the foundations to ensure we’re fostering an inclusive and constructive culture so that our people feel they can bring their best selves to work and thrive personally and professionally.

“A key goal for Inghams has been the launch and implementation of a Reconciliation Action Plan, to support greater opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and I am proud to say we are making good on that commitment today.

“We have a range of initiatives underway to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our business and in the community. This includes sponsoring CareerTrackers and supporting university students in our business. We also provide two First Nations scholarships through NIDA to encourage increased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representation in the arts.

“With our national presence, we also have wonderful opportunities to do more going forward, for example, by exploring opportunities to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses in our supply chain, which for every $1 can generate $4.41 of social return. It becomes a very powerful agent for change when your investment can deliver four times the value,” Andrew said.

The launch of our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan from our distribution centre in South Australia is significant to Inghams as the site also exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and community with the building having a 5 Star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. This rating is based on a build being both environmentally and socially responsible, such as through a commitment to First Nations support. Inghams’ commitment is further acknowledged with the commissioning of an artwork by local Aboriginal artist, Kelly Taylor, which is on display at the Centre and features in the design of Inghams’ Reconciliation Action Plan.

Inghams is committed to supporting First Nations peoples with meaningful and sustainable actions that foster inclusion and equity, and understanding how we can do this across our business. Our commitment to this journey is aligned to our brand promise to be Always Good to our people at Inghams and the communities where we work, to our animals and to our planet.

Media enquiries: Brett Ward, Inghams,, 0436 432 452