Ingham’s launches landmark sustainability project in Tasmania

The Federal Government has awarded Ingham’s a grant of $11 million to upgrade its poultry facilities at Sorell, Tasmania for a landmark sustainability project.

The grant will support the long-term operations of Sorell by enabling it to invest in essential upgrades that will ensure it can operate sustainably and efficiently with:

– Construction of a new wastewater treatment plant to process water for sustainable irrigation and reuse of up to 50 kilolitres of water a day within the facility, instead of being spread to nearby land. It will also be located further away from the facility’s nearby wetlands.

– Installation of a spin chiller to improve the facility’s production output by 30% to meet the growing demand for Ingham’s chicken products.

Ingham’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Reeves said: “Ingham’s products are already recognised for our high animal welfare with all of our meat chicken growing farms in Australia certified by the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme to their indoor requirements and we recently became the first poultry producer in New Zealand to have all of our meat chicken farms SPCA certified.

“Our high animal welfare practices have been achieved with thanks to the work of our local farmers whose focus has been on upgrading their farming facilities to support capacity growth combined with modern farming practices that improve the quality of life for our animals.”

“The opportunity to further improve our operational sustainability with this Federal Government grant means we can do even more good by our animals and our planet.”

All Ingham’s Tasmanian farms have moved to 100% outdoor free range, which has improved animal welfare with increased access to outdoor grassed areas. By upgrading to enriched housing systems, farmers can provide better living conditions for the animals in their care, which reduces stress and allows them to exhibit more natural behaviours. This contributes to improved animal welfare and ultimately results in higher-quality products for consumers who prioritise ethical and sustainable farming practices.

“With the Federal Government Grant, we will also further support sustainability across our operations with the installation of an innovative heat recovery system at our hatchery at Premaydena to recycle heat released by the embryos during the incubation process. This system allows for improved ventilation in the hatchery resulting in stronger and healthier day old chicks being delivered to farms,” Andrew said.

The upgrade works are on track to commence before the end of 2024 and to be completed by mid-2025. A mix of local and interstate contractors and suppliers will be engaged to deliver these major project works.

Ingham’s is the largest integrated poultry producer across Australia and New Zealand. It supplies chicken, turkey and plant-based protein products to retail customers, quick service restaurants, food service distributors and wholesale and export channels. Ingham’s is also one of the largest producers of stockfeed in Australia. It has more than 8,000 people who work together to support each other, its animals and its customers.