Inghams continues to advance its water-saving initiatives

Inghams takes its environmental obligations seriously and remains focused on being a leader in sustainable poultry production through its water-saving initiatives.

At our primary processing facility in Murarrie, Queensland, we installed an Advanced Water Treatment Plant in 2009 and another at our primary processing facility in Somerville, Victoria in 2012. Combined, these plants have recycled more than 15 billion litres of water over 15 years and reduced the need to take water from the environment as part of our operations.

Inghams’ latest water recycling and treatment plant at its Osborne Park primary processing facility in Western Australia is expected to further reduce Inghams demand for water from the environment by up to 40%. The introduction of this modern and more efficient plant will also allow us to boost capacity, which will help to strengthen our local supply chain by decreasing dependence on supply from the east coast and minimise risk from disruptions along the transport network.

With an Environmental Policy in place for more than 30 years, we have a proven track record of embedding sustainable changes in our business that ensure we continue to grow responsibly.

Water recycling and treatment plant, Western Australia