Ingham’s Animal Health and Welfare

Ingham’s is committed to protecting and enhancing the welfare of all birds in our care.

Our Animal Health and Welfare Report for the 2021 Financial Year transparently details this commitment. This includes:

  • building on our heritage of animal welfare expertise to formalise our animal welfare strategy
  • protecting animal welfare through accountable leadership and innovation, and
  • holding external accreditation with animal welfare organisations.

We are proud that at every stage of their life, our birds are fed carefully formulated diets developed by Ingham’s nutritionists and with most feed being produced in Ingham’s operated feedmills.

Mythbusting a common misconception, the Report also highlights that hormones are not approved for use in Australia and New Zealand in the poultry industry and that Ingham’s does not use artificial or hormonal growth promoting substances in the production of any of its poultry.

Ingham’s best practice commitment to animal welfare and transparent reporting helps us to achieve our purpose to provide deliciously good food in the best way. Read the full report here.