Gender is a key pillar of Ingham’s Inclusion and Diversity framework that outlines key initiatives across remuneration, representation and talent development to further progress our gender equity.

Ingham’s has submitted its 2022 Workplace Gender Equality Report (WGEA) Report. You can view a copy of the public reports below. While acknowledging that a better outcome is desired and required, it is still pleasing to report that Ingham’s has reduced its Gender Pay Gap to 11.98%, a reduction of 0.5% from the prior year and below the current Australian wide WGEA calculated Gender Pay Gap of 13.8%. Female headcount, promotions and new hires have increased from the prior year reporting, at the same time the proportion of females resigning has decreased. If you would like to comment on the reports, you can do so on the WGEA website

021-2022 – Workplace Gender Equality Agency Public Report – including Compliance Program, Workplace Profile Table and Workforce Management Statistics