As with all chicken meat across Australia, Ingham’s chicken contains no added hormones. Hormones are not approved for use in poultry meat production in Australia, and have not been used since the 1960s. At Ingham’s we use the latest genetics, as well as optimal nutrition, veterinary care, housing, and husbandry to grow healthier chickens to their optimal market weight. Ingham’s Animal Welfare Programs at a minimum meet and regularly exceed regulatory standards and guidelines across all aspects of bird management. In addition to the Australian poultry industry regulation, all Ingham’s Australian broiler (chickens bred and raised specifically for meat) farms are accredited by the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme.

This accreditation requires extensive external
audits to demonstrate compliance to the standards, which are conducted at least twice annually on each farm.

For more information you can read more about our animal welfare policy here: