Edinburgh Parks team reduces water usage by thinking outside the box

The Edinburgh Park sustainability team worked with the oven manufacturer to confirm they could safely remove the use of water to cool its oven door seals.

At Ingham’s, we are continually looking for more sustainable alternatives in our everyday operations. 

Our Sustainability Team at the Edinburgh Parks Further Processing Plant, located in South Australia, has representatives from the health and safety, environment, production and engineering teams who are working together to identify opportunities to reduce their site’s water usage.

The two ovens on the site, installed 12 years ago, use water to cool the oven door seals. This adds 5.7 million litres of water usage to the site each year. The team decided to challenge this operational set up and contacted the manufacturer to understand any risks associated with reducing or eliminating the use of the cooling water. With the technical information gained from the manufacturer, the team conducted a risk assessment to ensure there were no risks to the health, safety and quality of our products and trialled the ovens operating without using any water for the door seals. The trial was a success! 

Congratulations to the Edinburgh Parks Sustainability Team members, David Saunders, Michael Whiteley, Lisa Sime, Felix Gronning, Mark Shandley and Kim McLaughlin for saving 5.7 million litres of water, equivalent to more than two Olympic size swimming pools, by thinking outside the box to create a better tomorrow for our planet.