A Career Journey in Distribution

This March, in celebration of International Women’s Day, we’re sharing a profile on our Warehousing and Distribution Assistant Manager in South Australia, Emma Hood.

Emma joined Inghams in 2012 after working in the hospitality and retail industry and looking for a new challenge and wanting to showcase her passion for safety.

Read more about Emma’s career journey at Inghams.

“My official title is Warehousing and Distribution Assistant Manager.”

“I originally came from the hospitality and retail industry. When I originally applied for Inghams in 2012, I was looking for a challenge, and a way to showcase my passion for safety.”

“Commencing in 2012, I started as a member of our Weigh Label Room. Open to the idea of growing with Inghams, over the last 12 years, I’ve moved into various roles within distribution, from forklift operating to administration, inventory supervisor, and now (drumroll) Warehousing and Distribution Assistant Manager.”

“I am inspired by many women in the business, especially our General Manager, Jenny Wheatcroft-Bailey. Watching her go through different roles within the Distribution Centre space, to now being our General Manager, has been inspirational and empowering. It has helped me on my career journey with Inghams, I have loved watching women in our workforce move up the corporate ladder.”

“Getting my forklift license! At the time not many women within the industry had them. It was a great sense of achievement for me.”

“As the Assistant Manager, the majority of my time in this role has been at our new site (Essington). Coming into this space and moving sites at the same time has presented lots of change and challenges, not just for myself but for the team as well. I play the role of supporting, empowering, and managing a dedicated bunch of people.

“What culture means to me is our people! I want everyone to come to work knowing they are seen and are safe. Having that as your foundation naturally creates an enjoyable environment. The team strives for greatness while being happy and satisfied with their workplace.”

“We are all here to achieve the same goal, which is to service our customers.”

“Somethings we have also implemented at the site are ‘creature comforts’, little things like Zooper Doopers in the lunch room, daily fruit options, and prompting health and wellbeing initiatives.”

“I am a people person, I love having people around me and learning about their families, cultures, and milestones inside and outside the business. Being the Assistant Manager, I like knowing I am here to support them and be challenged by them at the same time, as a leader”

“It’s a reliable company that has been around for over 100 years. I enjoy coming to work every day with a sense of job security and …. I LOVE CHICKEN!”

“I see a long-lasting career with Inghams, it’s a good place to work.”

“It’s seasonal for me, in summer I love a good Hoisin Kebab on the BBQ and in winter you can’t go wrong with a tray pack of Kievs.”

“Oh, and nuggets!”

“I think it would be cool to work and learn about marketing and coming up with new product concepts.”