Collaboration drives better solutions for our planet

Sustainability is at the core of how Inghams runs its business. It’s part of our commitment to grow responsibly and that we’re happy to share with our partners.

When JD Transport in Queensland approached us to trial an electric refrigeration truck that will contribute to reducing transport emissions, we quickly got behind this initiative.

Inghams’ Chief Operations Officer, Anne-Marie Mooney said: “As a national employer, we have a great opportunity to make change, and an even greater opportunity through our supply chain to be a champion for change. This initiative is what great supplier collaboration looks like and we’re thrilled that JD Transport asked us to be part of this project.”

From May, Inghams has been trialling the electric truck and will track mileage and reliability, electrical consumption, and emissions to gauge its success over 12 months. The truck is solely engaged by Inghams to support the delivery of our product from our Lytton Distribution Centre to customers including Collins Food-owned KFC.  It is estimated the vehicle will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, or 14 tonnes, and even more when charged from renewable electricity sources.

To acknowledge the trial and our commitment to the planet, the vehicle is co-branded with our Always Good brand promise. We’ve also installed an electric truck charging station at our Lytton Distribution Centre.

The vehicle is owned and built by Revora, a subsidiary of refrigerated truck company Eurocold, a collaboration that is making good changes for our planet. Inghams has partnered with JD Transport for approximately five years to deliver our deliciously good products to our customers, and we are proud to support JD Transport by trialling this initiative.

In September 2023, we shared our exciting news of piloting an electric vehicle in our customer sales team, with Business Development Manager, Mel Taylor taking delivery of the vehicle.

“I haven’t had battery anxiety once!” Mel said. “I’ve driven 20,000 kilometres and in regional areas, and simply pop in my destination and Tayla – the nickname for my Tesla – calculates when and where I can stop and charge. Tayla is reliable on the road.”

As the largest integrated poultry producer across Australia and New Zealand with a 100-year history and a business that relies on a healthy planet for our farming and feedmill operations, we are focused on sustainability opportunities which make a positive difference.