Get To Know Ingham’s Karaage Chicken Bites

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Japanese food is enjoying greater popularity than ever and one Japanese style in particular which is rapidly growing in demand among consumer is the karaage frying technique.

In recognition of this trend, Ingham’s introduced Karaage Chicken Bites – tender pieces of bite-sized chicken coated in an authentic Japanese style crunchy coating.

They’re ideal for serving with rice and sushi, as part of a bento box, on sushi bar menus and to accompany Japanese and Asian style cuisine whether dine-in or takeaway.

And with their distinctive crunchy coating, they can also be used to add a little extra zest to traditional favourites like chicken wraps or rolls.

Ingham’s Karaage Chicken Bites are easy to prepare – just heat and they’re ready to serve – and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Their consistent portion size makes them a cost-effective choice and assists in portion control and managing food costs. As such they’re ideal for cafes, bistros, pubs, clubs, hotels and caterers.

Ingham’s Karaage Chicken Bites come in cartons of 5 x 1kg bags, approx 40 units per carton.

For high quality products with great presentation, succulent taste and versatile application … Ingham’s has the answer.

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