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Satay Kebabs

An ideal winter warmer, Ingham’s Chicken Satay Kebabs come fully cooked on kebab sticks to cut down on preparation time and labour costs.

These attractively presented products are as versatile as they are convenient – ideal as a finger food or grab and go snack, you can also serve them on a bed of rice or within a satay wrap. Try our chef’s recipe suggestions of Satay Wrap with Minted Salsa and Crunchy Veg or Satay Wrap with Cucumber Salad as potential additions to your menu today.

At Transwest Fuel’s The North Store café outlets in NSW’s Tamworth region, manager Karla Lovell utilises Ingham’s Chicken Satay Kebabs in Chicken Satay Wraps and within a Chicken Satay Salad, both of which are big sellers with female customers. They’re also sold as a grab and go item straight from the bain marie, which is a popular choice for tradies and truckies looking to pick up a tasty, filling snack on the run.

“They’re a great favourite that people love,” is how Karla describes Ingham’s Chicken Satay Kebabs. “They’re easy to eat and a delicious alternative to your standard dim sim or potato scallop. And in keeping with all the Ingham’s products, they offer fantastic flavour and consistency.”

Ideal for the convenience market, cafes, pubs and clubs, bistros and function/venue catering, Ingham’s Chicken Satay Kebabs are great for the colder months. And they’re so simple to prepare – just heat in the oven, deep fryer or shallow fryer as required.

For high quality products with great presentation, succulent taste and versatile application … Ingham’s has the answer.

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