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At Ingham’s, we aim to ensure that we respect the environment in which we operate, minimise our impact upon natural resources, and continue to work towards greater sustainability.

We aim to carry out our business in a responsible and ethical manner, and this principle is echoed in our company philosophy:

“Conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards.”



Sustainability is about meeting our needs today without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Even though chicken production has a small environmental footprint (compared to other land-based animal production systems) we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment as much as we can, to do more with less, and work in a sustainable way.

We also want to be able to adapt quickly to the challenges of a changing climate and respond to community and consumer expectations.



Ingham’s has developed a comprehensive and integrated sustainability strategy centred around six themes:

    • Water Stewardship – Responsible water management and conservation is an essential aspect of Ingham’s business processes.
      view water stewardship


    • Sustainability Commitment – See how Ingham’s commitment to sustainability is being recognised by organisations across Australia.
      view Sustainability Commitment


    • Environmental Management – With comprehensive response management plans in place, Ingham’s is committed to minimising our impact on the environment.
      view Environmental Management


    • Energy and Climate Change – Learn more about our comprehensive Energy Saving Plan designed to help us reduce our carbon footprint.
      view Energy and Climate Change


    • Zero Waste – Explore our company’s efforts to reduce waste through the clever reuse and recycling of materials.
      view Zero Waste


    • Corporate Citizenship – Ingham’s is proud to support our community through the sponsorship of several organisations.
      view Corporate Citizenship


For more details on any aspect of our sustainability strategy, visit the dedicated pages or get in touch with a company representative today.

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