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Our approach to business

Ingham’s is a trusted brand across the Tasman and dedicated to providing the best quality poultry to the heart of tables around the country.

At Ingham’s we pride ourselves on delivering quality in all aspects of our business, striving for world class operational excellence and operating with the highest ethical standards.

With over 8,000 employees at 340 different farms and facilities across Australia and New Zealand, Ingham’s knows the key to success is partnerships.

Partnering with our customers, suppliers and growers to help them achieve their business goals is the key to achieving our vision of a world class food company.

Food safety

Ingham’s is committed to maintaining the highest possible product quality and food safety standards.
At Ingham’s we constantly monitor food safety, quality and animal welfare to ensure we meet or exceed regulatory guidelines, codes of practice and standards.

We maintain a fully integrated quality management system incorporating all aspects of good manufacturing practices, food safety and HACCP* programs in our primary processing and further processing plants.

*HACCP is a risk assessment based approach to food safety and quality which focuses on identifying and preventing problems before they occur rather than rectifying a problem after it has happened.



At Ingham’s safety is a core value.

It is integral to everything we do. It is not negotiable. We are relentless in our focus on improving safety through visible leadership, positive behaviour of our people, design of our operations and products and implementing safe systems and procedures.

We are committed to a vision of Zero Harm. Zero Harm means we take responsibility for our own actions, report and take near miss reporting seriously, understand, implement and comply with our safety standards and procedures, investigate incidents with a preventative mindset, demonstrate that we take safety seriously and never compromise or expect others to compromise on safety.

For more information see our WHS Policy.



Sustainability is about meeting our needs today without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

At Ingham’s, we respect the environment in which we operate and aim to minimise our impact while continuing to work towards greater sustainability.

Poultry meat has a comparatively small environmental footprint but at Ingham’s we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment as much as we can, to do more with less and work in a sustainable way.

At Ingham’s we believe it is important to adapt quickly to the challenges of a changing climate and to respond to community and consumer expectations.

We have a comprehensive and integrated sustainability strategy centred on managing water, minimising our impact on the environment, reducing our energy use and carbon footprint, achieving zero waste and supporting our communities through sponsorship.

For more information on how Ingham is working to protect the environment, read our EPA reports here.


Animal welfare

At Ingham’s, we’re committed to caring for our animals at all times.

Our comprehensive animal welfare programs encompass all areas of livestock breeding, production, hatcheries, live bird pickup, transport and processing.

Ingham’s developed its programs (which are HACCP-based) in collaboration with international animal welfare experts, retailers and regulatory authorities.

Our programs are designed to manage, monitor and ensure the ethical and humane treatment of the animals in our care and are based on scientific research, current legislation, industry codes of practice, standards, veterinary and technical advice.

For the farming of our Australian broiler chickens (including all company owned and contracted farming operations) we require official certification under the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme. These standards ensure that all our birds are provided with an environment that meets their physical and behavioural needs.

For more information on animal welfare see the Australian Chicken Meat Federation Inc Website

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