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Competition Overview

To celebrate our 100-year anniversary, we are giving customers the chance to win $10K Visa pre-paid gift cards every month by purchasing an Ingham’s Fresh Whole Chicken or Ingham’s Turkey Mince. In addition to the major monthly prize, we are giving away 10 x $250 Visa gift cards every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I can’t upload my receipt.”
Receipts will need to be uploaded as an image file i.e. jpeg, pdf.

“Can I enter more than once?”
Yes, multiple entries are permitted. We accept one entry per qualifying purchase and each entry must be submitted separately.

“I entered online but didn’t receive a confirmation email. Has my draw been received?”
Emails will be sent for valid entries from [email protected], check your junk/spam folder if the email does not appear in your inbox.

“I’m not on Facebook. How will I know if I’ve won?”
Winners will receive an official congratulatory email. The congratulatory email contains details on how to claim the prize. Winners’ will also be announced online at

“When will I know if I’ve won?”
Winners will be contacted within the first two weeks of the month. Refer to the T&Cs located on the website for all notification dates.

“I am receiving promotional emails. How do I get taken off?”
On the emails select unsubscribe, which you will find on the bottom of the email.

“What if I can’t find Ingham’s Fresh Whole Chicken in my local store?”
Ingham’s Fresh Whole Chicken is distributed in select Woolworths and IGA stores, however from May 1st onwards, you can also purchase Ingham’s Turkey Mince to enter the competition.

“I purchased Ingham’s Turkey Mince before 1 May 2018, can I still enter?”
Unfortunately, no. Purchases of Ingham’s Turkey Mince are only valid for entry on or after the 1 May 2018 in line with the T&Cs.

“Why is Ingham’s Turkey Mince now part of the promotion?”
We have listened to your feedback and are excited we can now include Ingham’s Turkey Mince in our 100 Year Competition. Some customers had trouble finding Ingham’s Fresh Whole Chickens instore so we have expanded the qualifying products.

 “I’ve purchased Ingham’s Turkey Mince and Ingham’s Fresh Whole Chicken on the same receipt, does that count as two entries?”
Yes, provided each entry is a qualifying purchase and each entry is submitted separately and in accordance with entry requirements. Please refer to the T&Cs for more information.

“I have purchased Ingham’s Turkey ‘Breast’ Mince not Ingham’s Turkey Mince, can I still enter?”
Yes, both Ingham’s Turkey Mince and Ingham’s Turkey Breast Mince are qualifying purchases.

“If I can’t find Ingham’s Fresh Whole Chicken in store, can I buy Ingham’s Roast in Bag instead?”
Unfortunately, no. The products that you can purchase to enter this competition is limited to Ingham’s Fresh Whole Chicken, Ingham’s Turkey Mince or Ingham’s Turkey Breast Mince.

“Where can I buy the participating products?”
Both Ingham’s Fresh Whole Chicken and Ingham’s Turkey Mince are available at select Woolworths and IGA stores nationwide.

“I received two confirmation emails but only entered once. What do I do?”
Please let us know by filling out our online form at

If you have a question not outlined above, please do fill out our online form at and someone from the team will be in touch.

The Ingham’s Chicken Team

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