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Fresh chicken cuts, family favourites and chicken smallgoods

Deli Department

The deli department contains a variety of products ranging from fresh, plain chicken cuts and smallgoods to tasty marinated and seasoned chicken products. You will also find family favourites; chicken breast supreme, chicken loaf, fresh Chicken Kievs, and fresh Chicken Schnitzels in here.

Fresh chicken cuts, crumbed chicken products and Free Range Chicken

Meat Department

The Inghams meat department consists of fresh plain and ready to cook chicken products. In here you will find fresh chicken cuts such as chicken breast fillet, chicken thighs and chicken tenderloins as well as marinated, seasoned and crumbed chicken. If you prefer Free Range Chicken, you will find these products included in here also.

Frozen seasoned, marinated and crumbed chicken products

Freezer Department

The freezer section stocks a large range of crumbed and tempura chicken products, ideal for quick dinners any day of the week. You will also find delicious whole marinated and seasoned chickens for a special Sunday roast.

Chicken Smallgoods & Chicken Seasoning

Other Department

In this department, you will find our special Chicken Seasoning as well as Inghams own Chicken Roll; perfect for a weekday lunch or snack.


Inghams produce a wide range of plain, ready to cook and ready to eat chicken products.

On the following pages you will find the entire range of Ingham chicken products which can be found by a number of search options. You can search through our Product Departments; Deli, Meat, Freezer and Other which are then further divided into Plain, Ready to Cook and Ready to Eat chicken products.

Generally speaking, the Plain Chicken sections are where you will find our fresh, raw whole chickens and chicken cuts. The Ready to Cook Chicken categories contains all our ready prepared marinated, seasoned and crumbed chicken products.

If you prefer to search for a product by name, such as Chicken Kiev for example, you can use our clever, customised product search feature at the top of this page. As you start typing in the name of the chicken product you are looking for, our search tool will offer product suggestions based on the letters you have keyed in. Simply select the product you want and click 'Go'.

With a wide variety of cuts, both fresh and frozen, you are sure to find a quality chicken product just right for you!